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Voting Does Work

One Vote - One Win

In the sniper world the motto is "One shot, One Kill" In The political world it's "One Vote, One Win". Let's get out the vote this Tuesday and win this election.

Republicans Dominate Debate

Overbaugh, Luvera, Brown and Bulich talk about renewal

At the "Meet the Candidates" night at the Catskill High School Library the Republican candidates showed they have the vision and leadership to carry the legislature to the next level. Lower taxes, increase economic development, and give the tax payers a break. Vote row B this Tuesday, November 3rd.

Palenville Fire Company Goes All Out

Ladies Auxciliary the Success Behind the Scene.

The ladies at the Palenville fire company did a wonderful job in organizing the 2015 Rag-O-Muffin parade today. Special thanks to the ladies auxiliary. Your work does not go unnoticed. As a bonus Matt Luvera and Paul Brown were lucky enough to meet the cast of "I dream of Genie".

Political Opponents Cover Sign

You Could Be Next!

What happened to the First Amendment? What coward covers his political opponents' sign? Are we living in Russia now? I am outraged at such a disrespectful show of hubris and oppression of my freedom to express my political speech. You may be next!

End Alzheimer's Now

Matt Luvera, Paul Vosburgh and Paul Brown show support.

Advocates against Alzheimer's met at Dutchman's Landing today to help find a cure. A large crowd showed up to support research and to remind us the affect it has on families and friends. Caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's is a task that does not end. Please remember to donate to this wonderful organization by visiting https://www.facebook.com/ALZNENY

Meet the Candidates

Join Linda, Matt, Paul and Mike

Wednesday, October 28 is the real "Meet the Candidates" night at the high school library. Please join us so you can see all of the candidates. Please come out and support the Republican candidates and see how they can help our community.

The Old Guard On Duty

Brown benifits from Rubbing Shoulders

Frank and Bob take a few minutes at a recent Republican event to take a picture with Paul Brown, candidate for Greene County Legislature. Frank is the former chairman of the legislature and a resident of Palenville. Thanks Frank and Bob for your support and dedication to Catskill Republicans.

Mutants Mangle Message

1st Amendment Survives

Political Opponents are taking action by defacing, destroying and stealing Republican signs. In this example someone painted over Mr. Leggio's name on a 4x8 sign in Palenville. The attack was quickly countered by an unknown citizen when it was repainted with Mr. Leggio's name. Will our friends across the aisle join us in condemning such preposterous conduct?

Election Day is November 3rd

Your vote is important!

We are quickly approaching the election day. Every vote counts - especially your vote. Remind your friends and family election day is November 3rd this year. Encourage those you know who don't normally vote to get to the polls this year. Together we can make a difference.

Two Movers and Shakers

The cavalry is here!

Heather and Brenda join us at the Republican Club Dinner at Dock Street. They have been great supporters and always bring a huge smile and are such positive people. Thank you for your faithful support and help during our campaign.

Fasso Encourages Luvera and Brown

Matt and Paul talk politics with John

Matt Luvera and Paul Brown attended the Hunter Republican's annual meeting where they spent some time talking with John Fasso regarding his economic plan for Greene County. John Fasso is from Kinderhook and is running for Chris Gibson's seat in the House of Representatives. Thank you to Gina who put together a wonderful meeting and a great meal at the Hunter Mountain Brewery.

Sitting with the Master

Quality time with the Judge

Joe Leggio and Paul Brown sit with Judge Pulver seeking wisdom from the Master as we enjoy the view of the Hudson River from his porch. He had us laughing with his stories of old. We were fortunate to have spent time with him before he passed away. He will be missed.

Dock Street Rocks the Point

Candidates Ready to Rumble!

Many of Republicans gathered on Thursday at Dock Street Restaurant this past Thursday to cheer the town and county candidates on at their September Republican Club dinner. The candidates were thankful to the many who turned out to support the Catskill Republican Team. Many who spoke expressed the need to get out the vote on November 3rd and not to take anything for granted.

Candidates Get Schooled

The Class of 2015

Mike Bulich, Marilyn Farrell, Linda Overbaugh, Paul Brown and Matt Luvera pose for a group picture at the recent pancake breakfast at the Catskill High School. It was great to see so many of the kids, parents and community members supporting such a great event. Kudos to all the Catskill school staff for making it such a great event.

And they're off...!

Stuff It! - The battle cry of our team.

Paul Brown, Greene County Legislator candidate, and Liz Izzo, Town Clerk candidate lead the other team. It's obvious we are the better "Pick-N-Pack" team. It always helps to have someone on your team that knows how to keep things organized. A special thanks to all who helped stuff the campaign bags.