The Republican Caucus is Monday, July 29 at 7:00pm

The location is the Washington Irving senior center

Meeting starts at 7:00pm

Attendees must be Catskill Registered Republicans

Paul Brown

Paul Brown Announces Bid for Councilman

Paul Brown announced his candidacy today for the Catskill Town board and will seek the republican nomination at the July 29th republican caucus at the Catskill senior center. Paul and his wife Ruth are twenty six year residents of the town of Catskill. “I have raised my family in this community.” Mr. Brown stated and “I have grown to love the Town of Catskill.” Mr. Brown’s six children all attended Catskill schools and were involved in little league, Babe Ruth and other community activities.

Paul is also a veteran of the Army and was stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. were he severed with the 5th Special Force Group as a communications specialist on an A team.  “I was proud to serve my country” he mentioned and “I’m now ready to serve my community to the best of my ability.”  He looks forward to seeing the community grow and prosper.

“I love to talk with people and learn their concerns for their Catskill” he said.  “Every citizen has something to contribute but sometimes are unable due to work and other obligations.”  Mr. Brown went on to say “I want to represent these people.    Paul continued “We have to work together to find local solutions to unemployment, business development and a safe environment for our children.  As a business owner he knows the pressures of running a business and brings innovative solutions to the problems we face.  “I can help here” he said. Paul believes this is “not an us- versus-them universe but a neighbor helping neighbor effort.”

“Each of us has a skill and ability we can use to help each other.  Paul sees others contributing and volunteering to serve their community in vital capacities such as the fire department and little league.  “These are regular people doing extraordinary service.   I want to help them make this a thriving, living, location where others will see the value of Catskill and move here.”  

Paul's Bio

Paul has a proven record of success in the private sector. As a job creator he understands the importance of watching every penny! He successfully started the first local internet service provider company in Greene County, started and sold a local payroll company, built and sold several homes, started Cats Rental and is a principle in Evo-World, a high efficient biomass boilers company.  His status as a veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces, 5th Special Forces Group, ODA 526, gives him vital experience working as a team member in grueling environments.  As a town board member he will bring the same level of energy and experience to maximize every taxpayer dollar.  His vision is to shape public policies and practices that make fiscal sense.  Paul is passionate about letting the taxpayer keep more and the government taking less at the town, county, state and federal levels.
Speaking for the people

He'll Stand for You

Paul is not afraid  to stand up and make his voice known.  Just because something has "always been done that way" doesn't mean it's the correct way.  Policy is what drives taxes.  Bad policy is what increases taxes, burdening you the tax payer, and can bankrupt a town.  Paul knows every policy and regulation hinders freedom.  That's why he'll fight not to enact policies not benificial to the community at large.  He'll work to review current policy and work to correct out dated policies which are no longer useful.  Paul knows where the money comes from.  You, the people!  He'll watch your money you entrust to him and stand up for you when you don't have time to do it yourself.

Paul's Philosophy

Government is not designed to be a solve-all institution.  Government's role is to provide a stable, safe society and foster economic growth with a hands-off approach.  Elected officials or hired workers must all be accountable to the people who fund government operations.

Though Paul's fundamental view of government might differ from others, he is not afraid to listen and seek out the opinions of those with different views to forge strong bipartisan solutions to the problems we face.  Working for the people means working for all the people not just the ones who elected you.  It is an awesome responsibility to work for the people.  A responsibility Paul will not take for granted.


What is important to Paul?  

Contact Information

Here is Paul's contact information:

Email -
Home Phone - (518) 943-3517
Political Cell Phone - (518) 390-7077
Mailing Address:  11 Post Ave, Catskill, NY 12414